OPI Serum being applied to a hand's fingernails
We Tried OPI's Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum & Our Nails Are Stronger Than Ever
OPI's Repair Mode Bond Building Serum promises to repair your nail's keratin structure by building new bonds from within. It can be bought on OPI's website and Amazon for $25.
It comes in a small glass jar with a nail polish applicator, and you apply the formula twice a day for six days. When we tried it, we saw promising results in less than a week.
OPI advises users to apply the serum on bare, polish-free nails, so we kept ours bare. We applied it and saw a nice sheen that quickly evaporated due to its alcohol content.
There was no scent and it didn’t leave residue. After using it for six days, we didn't see one single chip or broken nail, and our nails also grew a bit.
Fingernail ridges aren't uncommon, and while OPI's serum doesn't promise to get rid of ridges, the brand states that the formula can help reduce their appearance.
We didn't find any negative effects of using the nail serum, and since there are no harmful ingredients, we're enthusiastically going to add this beauty step to our daily regimen.