Woman getting her hair cut
We're Loving The Texture-Heavy Shattered Layers Hair Trend
Unlike standard layers, which create a curtain of longer hair at the ends, shattered layers result in ends that are all slightly different lengths for an edgy yet classy look.
To create shattered layers, stylist Matthew Collins says to snip hair from the ends inward over and over until the ends are feathery and the layers are perfectly inconsistent.
People with long, thick hair can benefit from shattered layers because it allows the hair to retain most of its length without so much weight and volume.
Due to their light, feathery state, shattered layers can be styled in many ways. They can be scrunched for a tousled look, worn straight, or curled with a curling iron or waver.
Before getting your own shattered layers, ensure the stylist is familiar with the technique involved in creating them. Bring pictures of your desired look and ask for styling tips.