What Actually Happens To Your Skin When You Ditch The Makeup?
Ease Into It
After consistently wearing makeup every day, you’re bound to feel a bit awkward going bare-faced; ease into the transition by skipping makeup on days you don’t have a lot of errands or alternating the days you wear makeup. On your “days off,” purify your skin with masks, serums, and rejuvenating skincare products.
Go Cold Turkey
If going cold turkey is too intimidating keep in mind that the most critical products to skip are foundation and concealer, as their absence will significantly affect your skin's overall appearance. It’s perfectly fine to add a little lip color or a coat of mascara to get you through the quitting process.
Start Fresh
Your skin will benefit from a thorough cleanse and a good facial because your skin will heal and prevent future breakouts. Stick to the basics in your at-home spa, and use an exfoliant or mask, like Dr. Brandt's Renewing Age-Defying Face Exfoliator.
Results Take Time
Unfortunately, you won’t see results overnight because it takes about a month for your skin cells to regenerate. If you’re tempted to use products like retinol to speed up the rate of skin cell turnover, hold off on them because your skin should get used to its current routine before adding in new products.
Skin Reactions
Don’t freak out if your skin looks worse at first; this is a result of your skin expelling built-up debris accumulated over time, and this will eventually resolve itself. Stress is one of the biggest reasons you break out when quitting makeup, so try using acne spot treatments, like Derma E's Sulfur Spot Treatment with Tea Tree Oil, before talking to a professional.