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What Are Annual Profections In Astrology?
What Are Annual Profections?
Annual profections are a timing technique, illustrated by a wheel, that helps identify the theme or focus of each year based on key planetary movements from your natal chart and which astrological house is being activated that year. They begin the moment you are born and progress with you as you age.
Understanding The 12 Houses
Each “house” on the wheel lines up with your zodiac and represents themes you are likely to encounter throughout your life, such as spirituality, career, and creative exploration. Working with annual profections and house themes can help you identify areas to focus on in the next year.
House One: Self-Image
The first house of astrology is all about first impressions, ego, outward appearance, and how we perceive ourselves. It is an indicator of your personality and the way you interact with your environment, as well as playing a role in the way you are perceived by others.
House Two: Value
This house focuses on money matters, financial drive, and personal possessions. It can tell you how you attract money into your life and how to spend it, as well as also specify how you make a living, your sense of accomplishment, and even your financial stability.
House Three: Communication
The third house is all about thinking, processing, and exchanging information, as well as writing and spoken communication. Writing, editing, speaking, teaching, short-term travel, and daily routines are all tied to this house, as are your ability to analyze information and use your intelligence.