What Are Bunny Lines And What Can You Do About Them?
Although commonly linked to age, wrinkles can appear from lifestyle choices like tanning, smoking, and a poor diet, most of which can be altered to delay or avoid their appearance. But facial expressions like smiling or raising your eyebrows can also be a cause, which is much harder to avoid.
Look in the mirror and scrunch your nose like a bunny, and chances are you'll see little wrinkles appear. If those lines are only visible when you scrunch, they are "dynamic wrinkles" and are pretty easy to treat, but if they’re always present, these "static wrinkles" may be more challenging to diminish as they are often deeper in the skin.
While filling in those wrinkles with Botox injections is the top recommended way to reduce the appearance of bunny lines, there are Botox alternatives you could use. Per Cleveland Clinic, a daily skincare regimen involving a retinoid may also be effective in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.