Romantic couple in the kitchen
What Are People Who Are Enneagram Type Four Like In A Relationship?
People who are fours on the Enneagram personality test are highly individualistic, creative, and introspective. Fours desire to be truly seen by a special someone, and as much as they crave their own unique identity, they don’t want to be alone; when it comes to relationships, whimsical and ethereal type fours know how to create true romance.
Type fours have a knack for understanding what their partner is going through, and they will do everything they can to protect their loved ones. They also know how to make their partner feel special, with highly romantic dates and an emotional intimacy like no other, and they often have an idyllic image of their loved one stamped into their consciousness.
However, Enneagram type fours tend to have their heads in the clouds, and even the most loving of partners may have difficulty pulling them back down to earth, which may make them feel neglected or ignored. Romantic relationships with a four are more likely to flourish if they can ground themselves, so don’t hesitate to invite them to join you in the real world.