Not only is aloe vera amazing for your skin, but it can also heal you from the inside out. You can grow your own aloe plant or buy it from your local grocery store in the form of a juice, and this is how consuming aloe vera juice can benefit you.
Aloe vera juice hydrates your body, so it can clear up acne, and taking aloe vera supplements has been proven to improve skin elasticity and collagen production. Aloe vera juice provides your body with vitamin C, which reduces the risk for heart disease, improves wrinkles, and speeds up wound healing, all while keeping your skin silky soft.
Drinking aloe vera juice can improve your gut health, ease irritable bowel syndrome, improve vision, and aid in mouth and gum health. While it should never be considered a treatment for diabetes, research shows that it actually improves blood sugar fasting levels for those who are pre-diabetic.