What Causes Oily Hair?
If you wake up with oily hair, you might be reaching for a hat or your favorite dry shampoo, but using too much dry shampoo can cause build-up, and the wrong dry shampoo might contain bad ingredients. There are a number of factors that go into oily hair, so here’s how to deal with your greasy mess.
Oily hair is caused by sebaceous glands under your scalp, providing hydration and a protective barrier, but too much of this can cause oily hair. Your genetics play a role in how often you should wash your hair, and having an oily complexion, a poor environment, use of excessive hair products, intensive exercise, and overwashing can produce an oily scalp quickly.
Keep your hair under control by using a clarifying shampoo and light conditioner while avoiding any heavy, buildup-inducing styling products. To reduce greasiness and scalp buildup, only apply conditioner on your ends, rinse out the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, and consume a healthy diet.