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What Do Exalted Planets In Your Birth Chart Mean?
Each classical planet is exalted in one zodiac sign. An exalted planet is in a position to enhance its best qualities, so it can be very beneficial if one is in your chart.
1. Sun In Aries
If you have an Aries sun sign and your sun placement is at or before 10°, you possess exalted sun energy that amplifies positive traits like strength, ambition, and willpower.
While this grants you a powerful presence and swift decision-making abilities, be cautious not to overdo it as excessive intensity can lead
to burnout.
2. Moon In Taurus
The moon is exalted in Taurus from 0-3°. If your moon is in Taurus and falls within this degree range, you are likely to display a calm, balanced, stable demeanor.
This placement allows you to process difficult emotions without being overwhelmed. If you have an exalted Taurus moon, you are capable of being extremely emotionally intelligent.
3. Jupiter In Cancer
An exalted Jupiter in Cancer from 0-5° signifies a persuasive, calculating, and convincing individual who utilizes their communication skills for the greater good.
Your intellect, dignified demeanor, and knowledge make it easy for people to trust you. Just be sure to check that your intentions are pure to avoid power leading you astray.
4. Mercury In Virgo
Mercury is exalted in Virgo from 0-15° and governs communication, wit, memory, and travel. This person is likely to exhibit a high level of humor that attracts others to them.
These individuals have great memories, and have a deep love for humor that collides perfectly with a desire to travel the world, making a career in comedy ideal.
5. Venus In Pisces
Venus is exalted in Pisces from 0-27°. If this is in your chart, love is at the core of your being, extending beyond romantic relationships to encompass family, friends, and more.
This placement’s deep appreciation for beauty means they can find beauty in unconventional places. However, they have difficulty recognizing their own beauty.