What Does Dating Term Doppelbanger Mean?
If you’ve ever seen couples who look eerily similar to each other with a resemblance so uncanny that it makes you wonder if they are siblings, you are looking at a couple who the dating world would label as “doppelbangers.” While the term is commonly used to describe celebrity couples, everyday people just like us can have a doppelbanger too.
According to Urban Dictionary, a doppelbanger refers to someone you're romantically or sexually interested in simply because they look like you. Scientifically, people are drawn to others with similar features because it’s naturally comforting; however, lookalikes may sometimes be attracted to each other due to nothing other than genetics.
Research shows spouses share comparable genetic makeups, which results in a variety of similar characteristics, from their foot size to how good they are at math. Essentially, being involved with a "doppelbanger" is subliminal — the genes want what they want.