What Does Fauci-ing Mean In The Dating World?
One of the most cited journalists in scientific journals, Dr. Anthony Fauci became a household name due to the global outbreak of Covid-19, but also became a term in the dating world. Per New York Post, "Fauci-ing" is believed to have been coined by the dating app Plenty of Fish, and although it was born during the pandemic, it’s still being used.
Per Dictionary, you "Fauci" someone when you turn them down or end a relationship because they don't take the pandemic or safety measures — like social distancing, or refusing to get vaccinated — as seriously as you do. For instance, you could say, "I Fauci'd that guy," when your dating prospect refused to wear a mask while out with you.
When asked by Axios for his opinion on the term "Fauci-ing," Dr. Fauci was amused, but said he sympathized with couples dealing with the restrictive circumstances brought on by the pandemic. "It would be really frustrating to essentially semi-isolate yourself at a time when you're trying to explore social interactions with people," Dr. Fauci said.