Young, sad-looking woman with long hair and red dress.
What Does It Mean To Be Glamboozled In Your Dating Life?
Picture this: you’re dressed to the nines, about to walk out the door, and you get a message that the date was canceled. If you’ve experienced this, you’ve been glamboozled.
Glamboozled is probably the worst dating trend of 2023 because you’ve already emotionally and mentally prepared for the date, you’ve gotten excited, and now it’s not happening.
After being glambozzled, you’re not only disappointed, but you’re angry at your date and at yourself. You might even find yourself crying, which is a completely normal response.
There might be a legitimate reason why your date was canceled, but if that’s not the case, it might be because all they crave is validation, and that has nothing to do with you.
It’s difficult to avoid being glamboozled because you never know when someone is going to bail on you when plans are set. All you can do is manage your emotions.
If you’re all dressed up and your date cancels, don’t stay home feeling sorry for yourself. Call up your friends and go out, or go out solo and have a fantastic night on your own.