What Does It Mean To Live A Slow Life?
Be Present In Every Moment
Our stress can often be caused by ruminating on past mistakes or worrying about the future, so slow living encourages you to be present where you are and to take every moment in as it comes to you. In practice, this may look like focusing on one task at a time or trading distractions for contemplation.
Know Your Priorities
Living a slow life means only saying yes to the social situations or opportunities that are satisfying and purposeful to you, and saying no to plans that cause stress or don’t interest you. It can also mean living with fewer possessions, as maintaining many items could steal your time and joy.
Take Your Time While Eating
One of the most practical ways to live a slower life is to savor your food: take your time, chew thoroughly, and enjoy every bite. To get the most benefits from eating slowly, don’t eat in front of the television, sit down for every meal, and carve out at least 20 minutes or more for yourself every time you eat.
Make Sure You Sleep Enough
Sleeping is essential for basic functioning and can tremendously boost your mood, so make sure you never trade your rest for work priorities or social events. The Sleep Foundation says that most adults need somewhere between seven to nine hours of sleep a night; it’s also helpful to stick to a schedule every night.
Swap Tech For Nature
While nature lets us slow down and gain a new perspective on life, technology can make us feel overwhelmed or overstimulated. Putting your phone and other electronics down a little less every day and spending more time in nature could help you live a slower, more relaxed, and more satisfying life.