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What Does It Mean When Your Skincare Is Non-Comedogenic?
Before you grab any skincare product off the shelf, take the time to look at its ingredients. To truly care for your skin, you should know what you’re putting on it, and some common terms that get swept under the rug and misunderstood are comedogenic and non-comedogenic.
“Comedones” means clogged pores, so a comedogenic product is more likely to cause blemishes, whereas a non-comedogenic product shouldn't. Multiple ingredients in a non-comedogenic product can develop comedogenic properties, and just because a product is comedogenic doesn’t guarantee breakouts, because everyone’s skin reacts differently.
Depending on your skin type, you’ll know whether or not you can tolerate comedogenic or non-comedogenic products, but more often than not, those who have acne-prone skin will want to avoid comedogenic products. It’s always best to use natural ingredients for your face, and if a skincare product isn’t labeled non-comedogenic, it could potentially be comedogenic.