Young graceful woman with stylish makeup looks into the camera. She stands in the bright sunbeam and touches her face tenderly. Girl wears golden jewelry with emeralds.
What Does It Really Mean To Be An Empath?
An empath is a term for someone who feels more empathy than the average person. Although it may sound positive, it can be an exhausting experience, as empaths feel others’ pain intensely and can have a hard time separating another person’s emotional state from their own.
As empaths often struggle with energetic boundaries, they are also prone to unintentionally mirror another person's emotions. However, empaths do have special gifts; they are often skilled in working with animals and children, understanding their emotional states, and how to help them, and are skilled at de-escalating situations.
Empaths need frequent breaks to recharge and shake off other people’s negative emotions, so having a quiet, peaceful sanctuary is life-changing. Meditation, mantras, and positive affirmations can bring you to a peaceful mental state and a pet might be a great way to balance out the heavy energies you feel.