What Exactly Is The Glazed Donut Skincare Trend?
Beauty trends come and go incredibly fast, and for a time, the hottest one was K-beauty’s glass skin, the goal of which was to make your skin literally look like glass. However, now the glazed donut trend is in, thanks to Hailey Bieber saying, “If I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed donut, then I’m not doing the right thing.”
Oily-skinned people are lucky, but others have to work to achieve this glowy, hydrated look. K-beauty’s glass skin made it look like you were wearing a filter in real life, but the glazed donut trend focuses on “enhancing” instead, according to plastic surgeon Alexis Parcellis.
Instead of always using oil-blotting papers on your oily skin, this trend is about embracing your natural oils. Parcellis says, “The whole idea here is to celebrate your skin's natural beauty — freckles and all,” and aesthetician Tiara Willis says this look is “shiny, dewy, (borderline greasy) and hydrated.”
Willis says you should invest in “rich moisturizers and ointments,” and she adds you can take care of your skin barrier by investing in “gentle, non-drying products as well as barrier-repairing products.” Additionally, Poosh says that if you go for this look in the daytime, it translates to the most hydrated-looking skin with natural, no-makeup makeup.