What Is A Low-Poo Shampoo?
The curly-girl method has changed the lives of those who’ve tried it, since after doing this routine, they’ve experienced, hydrated, healthy, and manageable curls. The routine consists of finger-twisting your hair, using a wide-tooth comb, minimal heat, and also switching from harsh hair products to a low-poo shampoo.
Most shampoos contain sulfates, silicones, and petroleum derivatives that damage your hair, making it brittle and dry, but low-poo shampoo doesn’t contain any of these harmful ingredients. To ensure you’re using a low-poo shampoo, check the ingredients to make sure there are no hidden sulfates.
Using a low-poo shampoo will greatly improve your hair, but truly going low-poo means washing your hair every two to three days. Low-poo shampoo will give you less frizz, more volume, and a healthier scalp, all while saving the environment, since less water is used during the week and you’ll use fewer plastic shampoo bottles.