Woman applying a lipstick with the ingredient ceresin
What Is Ceresin In Your Beauty Products?
What Is Ceresin?
Ceresin is a commonly used ingredient within the beauty industry that can be found in products like lipsticks, moisturizers, and bronzers, among many others. Ceresin is a mineral wax that is made from a purified form of ozokerite that has been treated with heat and sulfuric acid.
Why Beauty Products?
Ceresin is often used to help give products a thicker consistency and improve their stability or feel. For example, ceresin may be used to help thicken a skin cream or to make lipstick less prone to breakage, making your products last longer and have a more appealing texture.
It’s Also An Emulsifier
This means that ceresin helps to combine two ingredients that would otherwise not mix without it, such as soap, which brings together oil and water. It's due to this reason that emulsifiers are widely used within the industry, as they help to mix a long string of essential ingredients together.