A woman smiling while texting at her phone
What Is Dexting? The Dating Red Flag, Explained
In an exclusive interview with Glam, licensed relationship therapist Jamie Bronstein says "dexting" is the newest dating trend where people exclusively communicate through text.
Dexters can go months without meeting face-to-face, mistaking this as a forming relationship. Bronstein shares insights on determining if a dexting connection is worth pursuing.
Bronstein warns that If they dodge the idea of meeting in person, it could be a red flag. She says it could indicate they are hiding a relationship or something else.
Another red flag, Bronstein warns, "is if the person doesn't ask you any questions and you are the one carrying on the conversation." She advises if something feels off, trust your gut.
Dexting to build a connection does have its benefits. Bronstein notes that "it can delay the too-fast onset of a physical relationship," which benefits those who rush in.
She cautions people against dexting for more than a couple of weeks and adds, "Chemistry and an energetic connection are essential; you will know if it's there once you meet."