What Is
Fexting In A Relationship?
The term “fexting” was coined by Dr. Jill Biden, and she admitted that when it comes to having a disagreement with Joe, the two usually take to “fexting” to avoid the Secret Service overhearing them. While fexting may be necessary for the President and First Lady, the rest of the world may or may not have to do this in their relationship.
Fexting is essentially fighting over text, whether it’s because you’re in a room full of people or you just don’t want to fight eye to eye. Psychotherapist Hannah Martin says, “Texts are often composed quickly and without too much thought,” so, “We also risk sending a text written in haste that we regret later.”
A lot can be lost in translation over text, because the receiver can misinterpret a tone, and all of a sudden, the conversation quickly goes downhill. However, psychiatrist Mimi Winsberg says fexting can be beneficial for some, because “unlike an in-person fight, the other person's reply is clearly visible on the screen and does not float 'in one ear and out the other.’”