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What Is Guardrailing In Dating, And Why Will It Be Huge In 2023?
Setting boundaries is crucial before you get into a relationship, and founder of online couples therapy platform The Relationship Paradigm Neil Wilkie says, “Clear boundaries are essential for our own mental health and self-esteem.” More and more people on dating apps are choosing to guardrail.
Bumble’s communications director Lucille McCart says, “Guardrailing is all about setting boundaries and protecting our energy” and “This includes being clearer about our emotional needs and boundaries.” People are starting to put their foot down and not allow themselves to be overwhelmed physically and mentally.
Over the last few years, health and self-care have become priorities for more people, allowing them to become more aware of what they want. Dating burnout is real, and there is no shame in taking a well-deserved break, because dating and looking for a partner is meant to be fun, not draining.