What Is 'Phubbing' And Is It Hurting Your Relationship?
The term "phubbing," which is derived from "phone" and "snubbing," is associated with a lack of self-control, a fear of missing out, and an addiction to the phone or Internet. People "inadvertently and mindlessly scroll through it without even realizing it," according to sex therapist Shamyra Howard, but is phubbing harming your relationship and, if so, how severe?
Phubbing not only causes an emotional divide because it clearly builds a wall between couples, but it can also have an adverse effect on one's mental state. According to a study, 46.3% of participants said their partner phubbed them, 22.6% said it caused relationship conflict, and 36.6% said their partner's constant phubbing made them feel depressed.
Phubbing can make people feel “excluded, unimportant, and ostracized, as sustained exclusion can lead to individuals questioning their self-esteem and sense of belonging,” says sexologist Rachel Sommer. Tackle this issue by talking to your partner, and hopefully, an intervention will help your partner be aware of their behavior.