What Is 'Prioridating' And How Can It Change The Game For Your Love Life?
Online dating is as simple as adding something to your Amazon shopping cart, but the downside to this is that it creates a hyper-materialistic and shallow dating landscape. Relationship expert Laurel House seeks to empower those looking for a healthy long-lasting relationship, so prioridating will be the new dating trend in 2023.
Prioridating’s success comes from asking people to gain an understanding of their core values or non-negotiables that become the main priorities when dating. It’s important to evaluate what your core values are so you know the kind of person you’re looking for, and once you have your dating priorities, you can begin “mindful dating” to ensure a healthy relationship.
Identifying your core values as priorities allows you to communicate who you are, and when you’re online dating, it’s most effective to be your honest self and not change your online image in order to be chosen as an ideal candidate. Prioridating is all about connecting on what really matters, and this is what will lead to an honest and lasting relationship.