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What Is 'Rizz'?
If you’ve been stumbling upon video after video on social media about the ‘rizz’ concept, you might get confused about what the "word" even means. Twitch user Kai Cenat, who is credited with coining the phrase, states that ‘rizz’ originally meant being smooth enough to seduce a girl, even if she wasn’t so attracted to you at first.
However, language evolves, and these trendy slang terms do, too. Now we also have the term ‘unspoken rizz,’ which means being able to seduce someone without having to talk, and while Cenat maintains that's not what ‘rizz’ means, this more looks-centered spinoff is gaining lots of traction.
A fictional character with ‘unspoken rizz’ is the famously attractive Damon Salvatore from “The Vampire Diaries,” who’s known to captivate attention with just his smile. While the adorkable Andy, from “Modern Family,” is an example of ‘regular rizz’ who tends to have memorable effects on women due to his charm.