A woman curled up in bed with mentral cramps
What Is Seed Cycling And Can It Really Help Your Periods?
By Glam Staff
There is a theory that “seed cycling,” or consuming four specific seeds in a certain order during menstruation, has an effect on the severity of PMS and menstrual cramps.
Neuroscientist Dr. Denise John recommends eating flax and pumpkin seeds during the follicular phase of your cycle and sesame and sunflower seeds during the luteal phase.
Dr. Danica Thornberry, founder of the Seed Fertility program, says she has seen seed cycling relieve PMS symptoms, fertility problems, and cycle irregularity.
Dietitian Jessica Bippen says that flaxseeds offer phytoestrogens that could ease PMS, sesame seeds promote progesterone production, and sunflower seeds can balance hormones.
However, seed cycling is not based on scientific research, and while there’s nothing harmful about trying it for yourself, proceed with caution and a grain of salt.