What Is Shaveducking In Dating And
Are You Experiencing It?
Beards have made a huge comeback recently, with a 2022 survey by EarthWeb reporting that out of 2,000 U.S. participants, 75% of those who are able to grow facial hair feel more confident with a beard. This has given rise to shaveducking, which is when you meet someone and wonder if they’re actually attractive or if you just like their facial hair (per Metro).
An easy way to figure out if you’re shaveducking is to look at someone who you normally wouldn’t be attracted to, but ask yourself if you’d give them a chance because of their facial hair. Another example of shaveducking is if you realize how much emotional attachment you had to your partner’s beard after they shave it.
If you’ve been guilty of shaveducking in the past, try not to beat yourself up about it, but remember that appearance is only a fraction of what makes someone attractive. Finding someone we have a connection with doesn’t happen every day, so dumping someone over a clean-shaven face isn’t the best idea.