What Is The Average Age To Get Gray Hair?
Regardless of the type of hair you have, gray hair happens to almost everyone as the hair follicles produce less color as you age. There are various products on the market to help care for gray hair, but it’s actually very complex when determining when you’ll see your first gray hair.
Age is not the only factor that produces gray hairs, because stress, illness, nutrition, and genetics all play a role, but the good news is that stress-affected grays can be reversed if the stress is relieved. The average age for Caucasians to gray is in their mid-30s, people of Asian descent tend to gray in their late 30s, and people of African descent don’t often gray until their mid-40s.
Going gray is an adjustment for many people, but there is still the easy option of dyeing your hair a different color. If you’re someone who wants to embrace their gray hair, come up with some new hairdos and style it however you like.