Close up of a model with freckles
What Is The 'Caveman Regimen' For Your Skin?
The caveman skincare regimen focuses on a lack of a routine altogether, and instead suggests you allow your skin to reach equilibrium on its own without any products.
The theory is that our skin has the natural ability to balance itself out. This could actually have some beneficial scientific merit, especially for those with skin issues.
Generally, the rule with this routine is to eliminate everything that comes into contact with your face for a certain period of time, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup.
This is a temporary reset instead of a permanent change, so how long you do it depends on your desired effects, but many people go from a week to up to a month.
If you’re looking to heal an existing issue, keep an eye on your skin and begin incorporating simple products once the irritation has faded after starting with a clean slate.