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What Is Therapy-Speak & How Can It Affect Our Relationships?
The way therapy jargon has invaded everyday vocabulary has been dubbed “therapy speak” by The New Yorker. It can be a very manipulative tactic, so it’s important to be aware of it.
Ending Relationships
People who lack the skills to be more assertive in their communication style may default to therapy speak since it’s easier than being straightforward with their feelings.
Hiding behind therapy speak to end a relationship is not genuine or effective. Honesty, nuance, and sincerity are necessary when calling it quits in a relationship.
Excusing Inconsiderate Behavior
It's important to distinguish between acknowledging and honoring one's mental health needs and using therapy speak to excuse one’s own poor behavior.
Take accountability for your actions and emotions, and learn to recognize when someone else uses language associated with therapy to avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes.
Avoiding Conflict
Respecting one’s mental health is important, but misusing therapy terms to shut down conversations and avoid conflict can be counterproductive and prevent personal growth.
For example, if a friend uses personal boundaries to avoid a conversation about their tardiness, it may prevent the opportunity to find a solution and common understanding.