What Is Weaponized Incompetence In A Relationship?
Relationships take a lot of work, but sometimes one partner doesn't want to put in the effort, and they resort to weaponized incompetence, which is pretending not to know how to do something when you actually do. This passive-aggressive behavior affects women at home as well as at work.
If your partner always claims they don't know how to do something, delays doing it, or does something so badly that you step in, you might be a victim of weaponized incompetence. Their tactic is trying to get the competent partner to throw their hands up in the air and say, "I'll just do it myself!"
While there may be real situations in which your partner legitimately has zero clue what they're doing, most tasks have no excuse. "Addressing the issue very clearly and directly is the best course of action," says relationship and communication therapist Nirmala Bijraj. If talking doesn’t work, seek out couples therapy.