What Is Wokefishing In Dating, And How Can You Avoid It?
Typically, people want to date someone who shares the same core values and beliefs, so you won’t see a liberal dating someone of the MAGA crew and vice versa. Wokefishing is when you meet someone online who claims to have progressive beliefs, but once you start chatting, you realize something isn’t right.
Similar to catfishing, wokefishing is based on politics, so the person you meet will claim to have progressive beliefs even if they don’t actually have them. The term “woke” means to be aware of what’s happening in society, so people who most likely voted for Trump will pretend to be “woke” in order to manipulate the other person and gain control, according to love coach Sophie Thomas.
It can be tricky not getting wokefished, but the best thing you can do is to pay close attention to what they say and how they act. For example, if someone says they are anti-racist but makes a racist statement and dismisses it as a joke, that may be a red flag, or if you see them rolling their eyes during a conversation about women’s reproductive rights, that could mean something too.