What Is Zombieing In Dating?
Dating can be tough for anyone and with social media and dating apps being an easy way to find dates, there can be some consequences like ghosting. Ghosting is when the person you’re talking to suddenly stops contacting you, but when this ghoster suddenly changes their mind, you get a new faux pas called zombieing.
Zombieing is when a once "dead" romantic contact who ghosted you suddenly reappears out of nowhere, trying to revive your acquaintance. Just like encountering the living dead can be perilous, interacting with dating zombies may spell danger for your dating life.
In a best-case scenario, they may reach out in genuine interest or apology, but more often than not, zombieing is a selfish behavior stemming from boredom or a need for attention. If someone reappears in your life without a good excuse for why they ghosted you, it would be a good idea to set boundaries and demand an explanation.