What It Means To Be A Cusp Sign In Astrology
If you feel like you don’t resonate with your sun sign, some will say this is because the sun was transitioning from one sign to another, which means you were born under a cusp sign. Astrologer Meghan Rose explains that a cusp sign “gives people who don't identify with the traits of their sun sign a sort of 'out' to feel more understood.”
Cusp signs occur when a birthday falls within the narrow window of time when the sun leaves one sign and enters another, so you might feel as if you have traits of both zodiac signs you were born under. Astrologer Annabel Gat says, "If [people] are born at the end of a zodiac sign's season, that means they take on qualities from the next zodiac sign.”
Even though a unique blend of two zodiac signs sounds cool, a cusp sign is impossible, because as Evening Star Astrologer explains, “The sun cannot be in two signs at once.” Just like the planets on your birth chart, the sun can only occupy one zodiac sign at a time, so your sun sign is “determined by where the sun physically was at their exact moment of birth,” says astrologer Narayana Montúfar.
It’s also important to look at your personal planets, as Mercury and Venus frequently overlap the sun. If you feel like you don’t have characteristics from your sun sign, that’s okay, because everyone has a bit of each zodiac within their personality.