What It Really Means To Have Intrusive Thoughts
The term "intrusive thoughts" isn't all-encompassing, but the most common types are thoughts of self-harm, harming others, sexual thoughts, immoral or religiously blasphemous intrusive thoughts, self-doubts and mistakes, and fears about your health. They can make you feel uncomfortable and even worried for your safety.
If you find yourself having intrusive thoughts of either self-harm or harming others, it's important that you seek help immediately, especially if you have them often. Reach out to someone you trust, or check out one of the many resources available that assist with these issues.
Some intrusive thoughts will be easier to deal with than others because it depends on the severity. HuffPost says the best way to deal with these is to address how you felt when it happened, then shift your focus to minuscule details of the event, which will help overcome the feelings and will allow you to forget this intrusive thought.