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What It Really Means When These Different Parts Of Your Body Itch
Itchy Scalp
An itchy scalp doesn’t automatically mean lice — it could be dryness or seborrheic dermatitis, which can cause swollen red skin and dandruff. You can treat your scalp with tea tree oil, medicated dandruff shampoo, or an apple cider vinegar detox.
Itchy Feet
Your itchy feet could be from dry skin, or a dry skin condition like psoriasis or eczema that can be treated with a topical steroid cream or prescription from your doctor. Athlete’s foot also causes itchy feet, and can be treated with an antifungal lotion or medication.
Itchy Ear Canal
Itchy ears can be a sign that you need to get them cleaned, or that you clean them too often; but if there’s pain or discharge, that’s a sign of infection, and requires medical attention. No matter what, avoid trying to fix the problem with cotton swabs, as this can cause more damage.
Itchy Face
If your face is itchy, red, bumpy, or flaking, it could be a result of dryness and easily treated by incorporating gentle exfoliating and a good moisturizer into your skin routine. However, itchy skin can also be a sign of an allergic reaction, in which case you should consult your doctor.
Itchy Belly Button
A clean belly button that’s still itchy could mean a fungal or bacterial infection. If you notice discharge or a strong odor, you may need a prescription to treat it, but if your itch is mild and accompanied by redness or dry skin, an over-the-counter fungal cream might help.