What To Consider Before You Buy Your Next Winter Coat
The Use
If your main concern is fashion, think about whether or not you'll be wearing it frequently or just as a statement piece. However, if you desire functionality you’ll want a coat with dual zippers, and a removable hood that’s made with versatile materials that can get wet.
Style and Fit
For the best fit, Town&Country recommends sizing up, so your winter clothes fit underneath, the sleeves should reach the beginning of your thumb and the shoulders shouldn’t feel too large. What's most important is that the outerwear feels comfortable, especially if you plan to wear it every day.
Next up comes the color of your coat. You’ll want to think about the use and your wardrobe so it matches. Consider whether you want something neutral for formal events or a coat in a bolder color to wear casually for everyday use.
The material you choose will largely be determined by the weather where you live and the use of your coat, as well as the style. Materials like cotton, polyester, and fleece add a layer of warmth; for something durable but also lightweight, look to nylon.
This expense can be a costly one as Newsly says coats average between $100 and $300, but some can be thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to save money, wait until the cold season is over because winterwear will go on sale.