What To Do If Your Self-Tanner Just Won't Work On Your Legs
You can achieve a summer glow in the winter by using self-tanner. Unfortunately, self-tanner is not the same as getting a nice tan from the sun, so you may notice that self-tanner didn’t apply evenly, but luckily, this is a very common problem that has an easy solution.
The reason your self-tanner didn’t evenly coat your skin is most likely due to improper pre-self-tan routine; if you shave or wax your legs, this causes your pores to open, creating an uneven base for your tan. Another cause of poor application is that self-tanner cannot stick to the shin area because it has the thinnest skin.
Fix a patchy spray tan by buffing away excess tan and going over a patchy tan with an exfoliator until the pigment is no longer there. You can also get rid of a bad self-tan using a combination of baking soda and lemon juice, or use a hair removal cream to remove the faulty tan; prevent your tan from going patchy by showering in cold or lukewarm water and avoid tight clothing.