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What To Know About 'Cricketing' In The Dating World
Technology has had positive and negative effects on dating. While it’s easier to find a match on an app, or connect with your crush on social media, it can also make it harder.
“Cricketing,” inspired by the lonely sound, is a term coined on the dating app Plenty of Fish, meaning you’ve messaged a love interest and they’ve left you on “read” too long.
Plenty of Fish says 67% of singles have experienced cricketing after receiving a text later than anticipated. This makes it hard to build trust and security in relationships.
Cricketing can lead to one partner feeling anxious due to a lack of interest and intimacy, and the person performing this tactic can be seen as emotionally abusive.
Dating coach John Keegan told Elite Daily, “Keeping your text 'on read' message is a manipulative tactic used to get people to feel off-center.”
If they finally message back, demonstrate self-respect by clearly expressing your desire for consistent communication or letting the text go and moving on.
If you’re guilty of cricketing, own up to your bad texter ways and give your date a heads up. Be honest and let them know if you prefer another form of communication.