Palette of color correcting concealers with brush isolated on white background
What To Know About The Benefits Of Orange Color-Correcting Concealer
Orange color-correcting concealers specifically target dark circles and shadows on your skin that standard concealers can’t effectively cover.
The purpose of these concealers is to neutralize dark pigmentation and create an even-toned base for your makeup. They’re great for dealing with skin flare-ups or discoloration.
According to color theory, orange and blue are complementary shades, so layering an orange-toned corrector over skin with blue or purple pigment will neutralize the discoloration.
Orange color corrector also reduces the appearance of brown spots or hyperpigmentation, per Nyx Cosmetics. However, remember that orange only neutralizes certain shades of skin.
Orange color corrector works well for medium to dark complexions but is less effective for those with lighter skin or more cool-toned discoloration.
For a seamless base, apply color corrector on moisturized skin. To prevent a cakey texture, use a primer before the corrector, blending it with a small sponge.
Only apply a thin layer of corrector to areas that need it. After blending it, wait a moment to let the product do its work before applying concealer and foundation.