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What To Know About The Ghostlighting Dating Trend
Ghostlighting occurs when a romantic partner stops talking to you out of the blue, then later reappears in your life and denies their behavior — first ghosting,
then gaslighting.
If you try to ask about this vanishing act, a ghostlighter might challenge your version of events with misleading arguments, or even accuse you of ghosting them.
It sounds outrageous, but when a ghostlighter is persuasive or charismatic enough, even the most self-aware victim might start to question their own understanding
of events.
Signs that the ghoster is ghostlighting include making up excuses, refusing to apologize, not taking the blame, defensiveness, and placing all the responsibility on you.
When these behaviors occur, your best strategy is to stay calm and stand your ground. You’re under no obligation to put up with them, so don’t be afraid to block them.