What To Know About The Lip Wings Makeup Technique
Countless procedures are done to enhance the beauty of lips, like lip blush, lip flip, and lip filler, but luckily, lip wings is a non-surgical procedure that can be done by any makeup user. Inspired by Bratz dolls of the early 2000s, people are seen all over TikTok creating lip wings to achieve a doll-like look by adding a “winged” lip liner at the corner of their mouths.
The winged lip is a fresh look that can imitate a natural smile or be pushed further to look almost Joker-like. Grab your favorite lip color and lip liner, and follow along with this TikTok tutorial by Wah Meko who shows herself using a soft brown pencil to line her lips, and when she reaches the corners of her mouth, she gives a slick flick, extending the edge of her upper lip.
To go full Bratz-doll mode, extend the corners of your mouth out and slightly upward with a dark brown pencil, then overline your lips with one shade darker than your lip color, and connect the lip liner to your drawn-on smile line in a wing shape. Blend the dark brown pencil in toward your mouth with a small brush and finish off with a bold berry or juicy plum lip color to perfect this trend.