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What To Know About The Skintermittent Fasting Trend
Skintermittent fasting is a practice where you refrain from using potentially irritating skin products for a given amount of time to give your face a breather.
This means leaving the deep pore cleansers and retinoids on the counter for the time being so that your skin has the room to simply exist, heal, and recover from harsh products.
While you may or may not want to skip out on makeup during your skintermittent fast, allowing your skin time to be free of foundation will only amp up the benefits you see.
“I believe skintermittent fasting has the potential to lead to hydrated, clear, and glowing skin," says Kunal Malik, MD, a board-certified general and cosmetic dermatologist.
While skintermittent fasting, you can still use a cleanser, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. Make sure that the products you use are gentle on your skin and have simple ingredients.

If you're on prescription skincare, it's best to chat with your dermatologist before trying this trend. Also be cautious of any allergies you might have as you change your regimen.