young couple having relationship difficulties
What To Know About The Spider-Webbing Dating Trend
Getting trapped in a web can result in a nasty bite, and the new “spider-webbing” dating trend can be just as dangerous. Here are some signs to look out for.
Dating expert Emma Hathorn explained to Glamour, “Spider-webbing is a collection of manipulative tactics some singletons will implement to try and win over a date.”
This method mixes gaslighting, love bombing, breadcrumbing, and other alarming behaviors. The unpredictability and inconsistent actions of the “spider” are a red flag.
Health expert Dr. Bruce Y. Lee says if they’re love bombing you one day and then barely replying to messages the next, you’re better off without them.
Psychotherapist Tasha Bailey told HuffPost to see how they act after slipping up. They may blame their behavior on how much they love you and won’t take accountability.
Trust your gut if you feel confused in a relationship. Hathorn told Metro to “address your concerns” and “express how their behavior is affecting you and the relationship.”
If your partner has been weaving their web around you, and you no longer feel safe or supported, it’s time to break the web and look out for yourself.