A young man looking at a yellow ball bouncing in the air while playing Spikeball
What To Know About Spikeball, The Latest Fitness Trend
Originating in the late 1900s, Spikeball (aka roundnet) provides both physical and mental benefits, contributing to its popularity as a fitness trend.
Spikeball is played with two teams of two players each. The ultimate goal is to prevent the other team from being able to spike the ball onto the net.
Play begins with a serve and the ball should hit the net, not go over it. Once the ball hits the net, play shifts to the other team.
Each team can hit the ball a total of three times before it must hit the net. Since there are no dividing lines between teams, both teams can move around the net throughout play.
Spikeball uses rally scoring, meaning that points are earned when the ball lands on the rim, hits the ground, rolls across the net, or doesn’t bounce high enough.
Playing Spikeball is a fun way to test your agility skills while bonding with family and friends. It can be played indoors, at a park, on the beach, or in the backyard.
The constant running around the net, spiking, and ball-chasing will give you a good workout. It will elevate your heart rate and burn fat, according to Roundnet HQ.