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What To Know About The Viral 'Invisible String Theory'
What's cool about soulmates is that there isn't just one type, and they don't always find each other the same way. That's where the "invisible string theory" comes into play.
The theory suggests that we all have an "invisible string" that connects us to our soulmate, sometimes for years unknowingly, before we finally get together with them.
In other words, soulmates can be people who have been in your life all along, even if you haven't met them yet. You could already be invisibly tied to your soulmate.
You could be considered soul ties, which means "you could have known each other in a past life" or "be from the same soul family," as Tanya Carroll Richardson told Mindbodygreen.
The whole theory relies on the idea that it's the universe's job to make sure soulmates eventually find each other, no matter how long it takes.
It emphasizes that the journey to finding a soulmate isn't always perfect; rather, it's all about timing and the power that comes from overcoming challenges together.