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What To Know About The Winter Coating Dating Trend
December calls for cold weather, comfy clothes, and the annual cuffing season which involves tons of cuddling by the fire and lots of spooning. Cuffing season isn’t the only dating trend this season, because there’s a new trend sweeping the dating world; winter coating.
Winter coating is when someone from your past reemerges suddenly and injects themselves into your life; similar to when you’re digging up an old coat in the back of the closet and only wearing it for a short amount of time. You may feel excited to rekindle a relationship, but once the seasons change, they’ll leave you in the dust.
It’s easy to settle back into old patterns with an ex, so don’t give into their tactics; Maria Sullivan, a dating expert, says before you get back together, “think back to the reason you broke up.” If you think you can temporarily get back with an ex and not fall apart when they move on, then go for it, but don’t forget about all the reasons they made you unhappy or upset.