Ballet dancer long exposure doing pirouette
What To Know About TikTok's Rising Blokette Fashion Trend
Blokette Trend
The “blokette” fashion trend originated on the podcast Nymphet Alumni, as a combination of the words “coquette” (girly, Little Bo Peep-type clothing) and “bloke” (sporty attire). As the Sexy Cool Influencer Podcast said, the sporty nature of "blokecore" gets elevated with feminine aspects like stockings, bows, or leg warmers.
Styling Blokette Trend
You can make a soccer jersey look cute and girly by cropping it and pairing it with fashionable and feminine track pants. Matching shorts with a rugby top and mary janes is a bold blokette look, or adding thigh-high stockings with street sneakers and a miniskirt will do the trick as well.
Add a feminine touch to your outfit by adding ribbons — you can try a soccer jersey with some blush, mascara, and pigtails with ribbons. You can also wear a baggy tracksuit with a tighter top and ribbons in your hair.
Leg Warmers
Leg warmers are an instant pop of femininity, because they mix the dainty balletcore fashion aesthetic with the more relaxed feel of a rugby shirt. Frilly shorts or a sweet skirt bring a very feminine angle to this look.
Adidas & Skirts
Pairing skirts with athletic shoes for the blokecore work beautifully. Wear a long jean skirt with Adidas to achieve the sporty and girly aspect of this trend.
Monochrome Tracksuit
Styling a velour tracksuit screams blokette, especially if you add simple sneakers and ribbons. A light pink velour tracksuit will scream femininity, adding a touch of the “coquette” to the blokette trend.