Woman applying cream to her cheeks
What To Know About Zinc's Skincare Benefits
By Glam Staff
Zinc is a vital nutrient, and it also has acne-fighting benefits that, when used topically, can help balance our skin’s oil production, thereby reducing instances of acne.
The nutrient fights bacteria, is anti-inflammatory, and works as an astringent. Additionally, it helps with eczema, rosacea, folliculitis, sun damage, and healing cuts and scrapes.
Red bumps on your upper thighs, booty, or other areas are called folliculitis, or fungal acne, and can be treated with zinc, which is present in products like Head & Shoulders.
Skin ailments like eczema or rosacea can be due to a zinc deficiency in your body. Increasing your zinc intake through your diet, a supplement, or topically can help.
To prevent skin damage from the sun's rays, get yourself a sunscreen containing zinc oxide, because it turns out it's an element that helps prevent damage from harmful UV rays.
Molecular biologist Ee Ting Ng says that sunscreens containing zinc oxide provide a “physical sun filter ... capable of deflecting UV rays, protecting skin from sun damage.”