What Types Of Jewelry Can You Wear If You Have Sensitive Skin?
The downside to wearing jewelry if you have sensitive skin is that you can have an allergic reaction. So during your next jewelry purchase, you’ll want to keep two things in mind: a higher price doesn’t mean better quality and remember to look closely at the material it’s made from.
Metals like nickel, chromium, and cobalt are common causes of metal hypersensitivity which is the medical term for reactions, per The TMJ Association, Ltd. If you want to know which metals you may be sensitive to, your healthcare provider can administer allergen and metal sensitivity tests.
People with sensitive skin can be allergic to different kinds of metals, but there is a solution. Hypoallergenic metals are void of reaction-causing metals like copper and nickel, but other options besides metals include silicone, resin, wood, beads, acrylic, and even shells.