What You Need To Know About Caring For
Gray Hair
Gray hair often needs to be cleaned more frequently than other hair and caring for it involves using a specialized shampoo and conditioner. You can get a range of shampoos and conditioners designed for gray hair, with some containing extra hydrating properties to battle the dry texture that grays normally carry.
Alternatively, you can get shampoos that neutralize brassy tones in gray hair and give it a cooler, more silver hue. If you find that dryness isn't really an issue, opt for a purple or silver shampoo to get rid of unwanted yellow tones.
Gray hair lacks pigment so it is more vulnerable to external stimulants. Protect your hair by sleeping on a satin pillowcase, spraying it with a UV protectant, using only high-quality styling tools with temperature control, and reducing the number of times you heat style per week.